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Handbill for a trip to York, Hull and Scarborough in 1850.
Leicester Journal. Friday 20 Spetember 1844.
On Thursday last a series of "monster" trains left the Midland Railway station at Leeds for Hull. The number of passengers that left Leeds, Woodlesford, and Methley, amounted to 7,800, of which 7,000 were from Leeds, 500 from Woodlesford, and 300 from Methiey.
They were conveyed in four trains, by 215 carriages, propelled nine engines. With the exception sundry trifling mishaps at starting, we are happy to say the whole number arrived in Leeds on their return without any serious accident.
Some went to Spurn Point, others New Holland, and the remainder enjoyed themselves in Hull. 'The trains reached Leeds about midnight. We are glad to see the working classes avail themselves of these cheap trips. The fare to Hull and back was 2s.
Leeds Intelligencer, Saturday 1 July 1865.
On Leeds Fair Wednesday, July Twelfth, a SPECIAL TRAIN will leave the Leeds Wellington Station, at 6.50 a.m. (calling at Woodlesford, Castleford, &c.) Fares there and back: To HULL, First-class, 6s.; covered carriages, 2s. 6d. To WITHERNSEA, First-class, 7s.; covered carriages, 3s. Returning from Withernsea at 6.0 p.m., and Hull at 7.0 p.m. same day. Children under twelve years of age half fares by the above excursions. For fares and time of departure from roadside stations, and other particulars, see bills.
A. CHRISTISON, General Passenger Superintendent. Leeds, 30th June, 1865.
A trip to the Foresters' Fete in London in 1873. The train left Woodlesford
at 40 minutes past midnight and arrived at St. Pancras station at 7.30
in the morning. The ancient Order of Foresters was formed in Rochdale
in 1834 as a friendly society providing sickness and death insurance to
its members.
Passengers waiting to board a day excursion to the Isle of Wight in March 1976. The train is arriving at Woodlesford at 7.40 am. The trippers arrived back home at about midnight. The cost - a mere £3.75.